What Really Happened at the Boston Massacre?


This Online Threaded Discussion focuses on the Boston Massacre in 1770. Before participating in this discussion, be certain to review the following sources:

SLIDE PRESENTATION: What Really Happened at the Boston Massacre? https://www.slideshare.net/MommyManderkin/what-rea… (click on the link to open).

INITIAL QUESTION: Who do you feel was more responsible for the Boston Massacre – the British or the colonists? Be certain to use evidence from the trial proceedings (slide presentation) to support your conclusions. It will very helpful if play close attention to the jury instructions on slide #10 and slide #36 of the presentation.

To begin, answer the initial question. You will do this by clicking on the discussion heading (Boston Massacre) and then you will click “Create a New Thread” to insert/attach your answer. After answering the initial question, you must at minimum respond at least three (3) times to your fellow students’ comments/posts. Your comments must also occur over more than one day so that a free-flowing and meaningful dialogue can take place.

You may earn up to 15 points for your participation in this discussion. Frequent and substantive comments will earn the highest scores. Simple affirmative or negative responses (I agree; I disagree) will not be enough to earn full points. Be certain to explain your opinions. The OTD will be available from October 23 through October 30. You may participate at any time during this period, but the OTD will not be available after midnight on October 30.