Week 9 Discussion: Physical Health Issues


To prepare

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on the gender-related differences and similarities in issues related to health.
  • Select a physical health issue that interests you that has gender-related differences, and research this health issue using the Walden Library and other reputable academic sources.
  • Search the literature for effective strategies to mitigate the risk of the health issue.

By Day 4

Post a brief description of the physical health issue you selected. Then, compare (similarities and differences) the following factors for men and women:

  • The incidence, mortality rate, diagnosis, and prognosis of the health issue
  • The lifestyle and behavior differences that lead to and/or may prevent the health issue
  • Issues related to health care access, diagnosis, and treatment by health care professionals

Finally, provide strategies from the literature that may help to mitigate the risk of this health issue.