watch a film and read readings then write a journal


watch the movie Rashomon (Kurosawa Akira, 1950) Pick one scene that impressed you from the film assigned for the week. Explain how and

why that particular scene is impressive to you. Refer to the assigned reading of the week

and think about how your argument is related to it. Include the image(s) from the scene in

your journal.

Grading criteria is as follows (10 points total):

On-time submission (attendance) = 1 point

Length (300-400 words) = 1 point

Pick one scene = 1 point

Image = 1 point

Originality (your own idea) = 1 point

Reference to reading = 1 point

Clarity of expression (correct grammar; clear meanings of terms) = 2 points

Structure of argument (coherence; smooth flow) = 2 points

Graded journals will be returned to you in the following week.