Topic Proposal for Argumentative Research Paper(please read carefullythe guidelines and follow it)


Please review the “Argumentative Research Paper Guidelines” (attached file) very carefully and decide which topic you are going to research. If you are hoping to choose a topic not listed on the prompt, then you should e-mail me ASAP to get approval before proceeding. For this topic proposal, you do not need to submit a Word document. Simply type right into the text box, but use proper spelling, punctuation, and a large, readable font. It is preferred you use numbering to show that you addressed all 5 of the required components of this assignment. Include the following:

  1. A title or opening sentence that indicates which topic you are choosing.
  2. A detailed explanation of why you are choosing that topic.
  3. An overview of some of the aspects or specifics you are hoping to learn about when performing your research.
  4. Any background knowledge you already have about the topic, no matter how limited.
  5. 1-2 questions you have about this assignment so far.

*Each of the above criteria is worth 2 points, so rather than use a grading rubric, you will be graded on a credit/no credit basis for each of the criterion you include in your proposal.