three questions that i want to be answered based on files that i posted,(each question has different source in files)


1. Meaning

a. What is the principle of duality in Hocking?

b. How does this apply to the question of where meaning is derived?

(source: week 2 read by Hocking pages 111-113)

2. God

a. Describe a concept of God you agree with or disagree with.

b. Is the concept an immanent or transcendent view of God and why?

c. Does the immanent or transcendent nature of the concept of God you are analyzing matter to your agreement or disagreement with it?

(source Kaplan, Smith and Solomon, God Revised p 68-)

3. Reality

a.Is reality fundamentally ideal or material?

b. Is there a way to bridge the ideal and material ? If not, why not? If so, why?

(source Solomon Nature of Reality)

I upload three files down here with the specific name that you can use as source. for each question at least one paragraph.(if you did’t get the files let me know to send it to you again)