SOCY 300 WEEK 3 American Social Values


It can be argued that fear of terrorist attacks underlay concerns about immigration policies here and in Western Europe. This has influenced attitudes not in sync with liberal democratic principles that have shaped programs and policies since the end of WWII. After listening to the assigned articles and the NPR panel discussion answer the following questions and respond to two other students’ comments.

1. Identify at least two indicators mentioned in the NPR program that suggest movement away from liberal democracies here and in other societies. (Located here…)

2. Should we be concerned about this? Please explain.

3. According to the Pew report on immigration what is the relationship between our aging American workforce and immigration? (Located here…)

4. Should there be concern that the current president refers to the media as “enemies of the people”? Please explain

5.Is the decrease in confidence in the U.S. president a problem for our standing in the world? Please explain.

Reference for questions 4 and 5…

Reference for question 3…