Response 2 essays from classmates and first modify self’s essay


1. Open your peer’s paper(in the file name Konvic…docx, Redman…docx) in Microsoft Word, and at the top, click on the “Review” tab. There you will see an “Insert Comment” button. Read your peer’s paper and use the “Insert comment” button to add comments in the margin. If you are using Word 2010 or higher, you will need to make sure you have the “All Markup” link clicked, which is also in the “Review” tab. 6. Comment on anything you feel needs work, but also give them positive feedback as well. If you need a guide for how much commenting to do, shoot for at least one comment per paragraph. The best comments are actually in the form of questions that occur to you as you read. For example, if you read a paragraph and really would like more detail, instead of commenting “Add more detail here,” a more helpful comment would be “Can you provide more details here? Where was he from? What does he look like?” etc.

2. Finish review questions(at end of each essays), here is an example(in the file name Hang, also it needs to be modified base on classmate’s response)

3. Revise draft of self A3 essay based on peer’s feedback.(in the file name Hang.docx)