Research Paper (need a draft in 15 hours) than a 5days to finish the WHOLE paper


Your assignment is to write an approximately 10-page, double-spaced original research paper on a theme related to the course material.

**” submit 2-page draft earlier in the next 17 hours “than it could be edited later for better paper” it is just a draft of the assignment , include research question and main argument. Suggest what sort of evidence or data you will use. Include a possible hypothesis related to your question.”**

Topic question to use “How to internet and media firms capture the attention of consumers? What is the relationship between the use of specific apps, social media programs, and search engines, on the one hand, and the total time that users spend using connected technologies, such as tablets, smartphones and computers? What are effective strategies to remain connect and, at the same time, reduce the amount of time that one spends using apps?”

The paper has a specific format that is a blend of an analytical essay and a scientific research paper. The paper should have the following labeled sections: 1. Title. Give the paper a clear title that suggests its content and intent. 2. Abstract. Write a 150-word abstract that summarizes the main argument, data or evidence presented, and primary conclusion. 3. Research Question. The first sentence of your paper is your research question. This should explicitly contain a relationship between two or more variables. You may follow this with specifying questions that identify key details that you need to know in order to answer the main question. 4. Theory. Develop a causal argument from existing published work. Make specific references to our course readings. Include at least five additional published articles. There is no requirement that these be from peer-reviewed journals but you want to the arguments to be thoughtful and rigorous. Often that means journals are the best source, but also consider sophisticated journalism, such as The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and top newspapers. The point here is to find testable assertions. 5. Hypotheses. Your paper should include at least three, testable hypotheses. These are a restatement of parts of your research question into component facts that can be verified or demonstrated in some data. 6. Main argument. Here you present the secondary data that are the product of your research efforts and findings that are summarized in the literature. This should be the longest section of your paper. Be sure that you evaluate the hypothesis. 7. Complications, Caveats, Contradictions. All social science arguments have exceptions and areas where the evidence does not fit. Make this explicit. Do the contradictions invalidate your hypothesis or cast doubt on how you tested it? Explain why or why not. 8. Graphic. Include at least one graphical summary of your argument or of a key piece of evidence. This could be a graph, chart, picture, photograph or anything else that presents your evidence in a different way. This is a graphic that you produce, not one from an existing source. 9. Conclusion. Summarize what you discovered. What do your results imply for social science theories? What other crucial piece of evidence would be helpful in further understanding how this process works.

10. Literature cited.