Religious study research paper


Choose one of these topics
Suggested Topics for the

MainResearch Paper

1.Rational Foundations of Ethics: Analysis of Existing Theories

2.Business Ethics: Ethical Theories and Conflicts in my office.

3.Nature, Utilitarianism and Religion: Homosexuality, Right or Wrong?

4.Feminism, Gender Equality and Sexism: Who is the Head/Bread winner of the House?

5.Roe vs. Wade ethical analysis (abortion)

6.Ethics of Marriage and Divorce

7.Just War theory vs. Pacifism: To Fight or not to Fight?

8.My “Ideally Ethical”Economic System.

9.My Utopian society: Ethical analysis of my ideal political society

10.Ethics in Buddhism/or Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Confucianism etc.(Choose one.)

11.Comparative study of X and Y religious ethics (2 religions of your choice)

12.Euthanasia and Death Penalty : Barbarism or Practicality?

13.History of Ethics in Religion X (choose one)

14.Ethical Analysis of the US constitution

15.History of sexual ethics: Religion, Science and Sexual Revolution

16.Ethics and Human Consciousness: Morality and the Immortality/Mortality of the soul.

17.Asceticism, Mysticism and Ethics /A Historical Case Study/

18.Evolution and Ethics:From Social Darwinism to Genetic Engineering

19.Environment: Global Warming, Civilization and Technology, What is Ahead of us?

20.Cultural Relativism vs. Cultural Realism: Colonization , Globalization and Human Rights.

22.The 2nd amendment: Gun Control and Crime

23.Ethics in modern politics: A critical analysis

24.Economy, Finances and Ethics: The Panama Papers

( A case study).