Reading Discussion: 2nd 8 Week Book Choice


Answer any three of the questions

Questions for This Is Our Story

  1. Were you surprised by the ending? Were you surprised by who killed Grant? Why or why not?
  2. Was the novel successful from the perspective of a teenager? Did you believe that Kate/the narrator as well as the killer were teens? Did the voice of the novel match the age group? wWhy or why not?
  3. What specifically kept you hooked on the book/kept you interested? What specifically about the book left you wanting more? (Give at least two specific details for each.)
  4. The book is made up of dual POVs (Kate and the killer), text messages, transcripts and interviews. What about this format was successful or not? (Give at least two reasons)
  5. At the end, do you think Shep received just punishment? Why or why not?