Race Essay



Write a minimum 500-word essay on the social construction of race. In this essay, you must directly draw upon all three of the following articles: “Racial Formations” and “Racial Domination and the Evolution of Racial Classification” and “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” The above articles will comprise the majority of your attention. However, in addition, your essay must directly utilize at least two concepts from Chapter 9 – Race to support your argument and one reference to an online video/film we watched in this class.

*Note, this is a formal essay. This means, you should not just write separate responses to each question. Instead, all of the questions should be skillfully integrated into a single essay, with a topic sentence, thesis statement, body and conclusion. Avoid colloquial (overly informal) writing.

You should integrate in-depth overviews of the following questions: You essay should first provide an in-depth overview of how race is a socially constructed category. In constructing your argument, you should provide an in-depth overview of the major aspects of racial formation theory. What do they mean by racial projects? What are the social origins of racial classification and why is this history problematic? Draw upon specific examples of the origins of race to support your claim. Finally, provide an overview of the differences between white privilege and racism.