Question CXU7A

Review Chapter 12 of the Rubin and Rubin course text.

Consider the following questions for your post to evaluate the techniques used in each interview. Which practices could you use in your own interview? Which practices should you avoid? Where did the person in the video go wrong? How could this issue have been avoided or corrected?

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph evaluation of the interview techniques used in both interviews. Include commentary and analysis of best practices, practices to avoid, and how this viewing experience will inform your approach to the interviewing assignment introduced in this week’s Major Assignment.

Question CXU7B

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the Interview Guide Instructions and the Interview Guide Example found in this week’s Learning Resources and use these documents to guide you during your interview.

Write your explanation of the characteristics of a good qualitative interview. Also include what makes a good interview guide. Use the interview questions from Yob and Brewer’s interview guide to support your post.

Question CXU7C

To prepare for this Assignment:

Conduct your phone interview with your colleague from this course or another Walden student you selected.

Part 3: Results

During this course, you have coded your two Scholars of Change videos, you have conducted and coded your phone interview, and you have gathered data from the Walden social change website and any other documents or websites you might have included. For this Part 3 of your Major Assignment, you will write up the results of your findings. You will include the following in your write-up:

Data Sources—briefly describe each data source including location, duration of data collection, how data were recorded, and unusual circumstances.

Two Scholars of Change videos

One phone interview

Resources from the Walden social change website

Instrumentation—briefly describe the type of instrumentation you used for your data collection.

Who developed each data collection tool and what is the date of publication?

Where and with which participant group has it been used previously?

How appropriate is it for current study and include whether modifications will be or were needed?

Data Analysis—based on the data sources in “A.”, provide a detailed analysis to include the following:

Report the process used to move inductively from coded units to larger representations including categories and themes.

Describe the specific codes, categories, and themes that emerged from the data using quotations as needed to emphasize their importance.

1st cycle—describe, give examples.

2nd cycle—describe, give examples/moving from codes to categories.

Identify themes—provide examples and illustrate your results with a figure or a chart.