Psychology Case Study Discussion Post



1. For the case study uploaded, you will discuss what your response to the case study was. Did the case study fit in with your expectations of that mental illness? What stood out as expected or odd to you? Did anything particularly stand out to you? Consider this a discussion you would have in class. If you read the case study, what would you volunteer to speak to in the class discussion?(Minimum 350 Words)

2. After first section completed, I will turn this assignment in and a students post will be available to me. I will post that students post and you would have to write a response contributing to the ideas that the student pointed out and providing some insights you found in the case. It should be very clear and evident that you read the case and are competent in the symptoms of the disorder discussed.THIS IS WILL BE ON A DIFFERENT CASE STUDY I WILL POST the case study AFTER THE FIRST One has been completed (Minimum 300 words)