outline for class in media


analyze a TV show or movie using one of Kendall’s frames. Find a TV show or film you are familiar with which you feel you could analyze using Kendall’s ideas.

write the following elements of your essay:

1. Write a level-3 thesis that explains how the show represents class, and how that is significant.

2. A well developed TEAL paragraph that describes how class is represented in your TV show. Reference moments from specific episodes rather than speaking in generalities. (This could be one of the body paragraphs of your essay)

3. Another TEAL paragraph that explains how this show exemplifies one of Kendall’s frames (in RR pp. 425-30):

  • consensus framing
  • admiration framing
  • emulation framing
  • thematic framing
  • episodic framing
  • caricature framing
  • middle-class values framing

Be sure to explain the frame and then explain in some detail how this show is an example of that frame.

4. Include full citations for both Kendall and the TV show that you will put on the Works Cited page, using the lesson in this week’s module as a guide.