need paper about cultural autobiography


The purpose of this assignment is to encourage reflection on how your multiple identities have

helped to create the person you have become, including your values, worldview, opportunities, etc.
In the library, you will find on reserve the book by McGoldrick, Giordano, and Garcia-Prieto (2005)
titled Ethnicity and Family Therapy. In this book, select at least one sociocultural group with which you
identify. Use this book for the ethnic identity portion of your paper.

In additional to your
racial/ethnic identity, your paper should also touch upon at least three other identities (e.g., sexual
identity, gender identity, religious identity, class, religion, ability status, etc).

8-10 pages

I need extra 3 articles that will support the hypothesis and my history, and I need the article to be in APA style cited in the text. i need you to fin this articles I do not have it. I chose Polish families cuz I am polish so the articles need to support polish community….