Movie/article reflection paper.


You are to choose a Movie and a Peer Reviewed Journal article from Blackboard Assignments List.

I choosed it ” My name is khan” the moive and muslims in america article ” Attahced one is the Article”.

This article documents changes in the public perception of and expression of anti-Muslim sentiment since September of 2001. The author points to the ungrounded nature of these prejudices and stereotypes, demonstrating that most Americans actually know very little about Islam and have very little interaction, even of a superficial nature, with American Muslims.

Your paper must contain:

2) Review Movie and Article and why they are of personal interest to you.

3) Describe how both relate to your own cultural heritage, and/or immigration experiences.

4) Conclude with connections for SOCIAL WORK practice or how might you apply what you learned to your future work with clients. Be sure to include your perception of your own cultural history/journey and its impact on your selection.

Attached is the Rubric please follow it.