Jobs reflection


Activate the website. Log in, or create a login. If you have trouble accessing use another job search site: Monster, Indeed, etc.

Find a job that interests you. It does not have to be a law enforcement position; extend your comfort zone. Cut and paste the job requirements/ qualifications.

Talk about how you might meet these “specifications” or what you would need to do within the application process. Remember, actually you are applying for an interview.

Assess your work experience.

Talk about your reliability. Your work ethic: what is your work ethic? Your ethos? How can you insert ETHICS into your interview?

What should you know about the organization your applying to?

Is the salary a deal-breaker? Does it come with benifits? Is [this] job a career path? If so, why?

You all have experience that you may not realise, or how to use it to your advantage. Are college level classes, experience. WHY? How can you use your transcript to relate experience, or job history.

Narrow your focus.