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Here’s the content. Please check grammar, modify or add something making the sentences better .

I came to United States when I was seventeen. I had two years high school in [place] and then moved to [place]. I had a challenging Christmas time in 2016. I regarded myself as a shy and quiet person but my inner personality was brave and independent. I went to Portugal alone doing food rescue volunteer without knowing anything about the language or the culture. I was so worried and nervous, even my parents asked me to give up. However, a voice in my heart told me to keep forward and I never regret about this. I did volunteer work, met people with different backgrounds, got to know a new country, and appreciated the westernmost point scenery of mainland Europe. I was proud of myself and cherish the great experience.

I resist reading and thats the reason why I choose Math as my major. In high school, we read and analyzed the material in class. I felt stressful when we had to read the book ourselves in English course and I remembered I got a D+ for the first essay. I spent time reading repeatedly to understand the words and sentences. I gradually found something interesting in reading. It was not only a time to finish assignment or to meet the author, It was more over a calm time to talk to myself. Although I finished required English courses, I am still willing to read different kind of books.