Learning in the Community 1500 words Reflection Report


I have done a placement at a place which looks after Disabled people specially (disabled elders) I have taken them around Sydney for for short trips. My job was to, Upload them to the bus and unload them at the destination, Push their wheelchairs, help them to do shopping, Feed them sometimes etc, then take them back to their houses. I have done 5 trips (5Days total 45hrs) Using these experiences make a reflection report including and addressing the following, Name of the place I have worked ( Your Side Australia https://yourside.org.au/ )

Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is for students to reflect upon their community engagement placement and present their learning in a Learning in the Community Report

Report 1500-word report on placement. Students will reflect on the following topics:

  • The audience/customer: the community of people that they helped to serve during the placement
  • The purpose: the kinds of disadvantage observed, and/or the client needs addressed during the placement
  • The alignment of practice with theory– consider the community engagement theory, is this what you saw in practice?
  • Recommendations for improving community engagement in the Placement Organization
  • Reflection on your own values, assumptions and attitudes and the skills developed through the placement

Learning outcomes

  • LO3 evaluate the ethical and social responsibility of participants in business and community organisations (GA4, GA8);
  • LO4 evaluate strategies related to work readiness drawn from volunteer experience and associated personal and professional skill development (GA4, GA5, GA9);
  • LO5 demonstrate professional behaviour and attitudes (GA2, GA5); and
  • LO6 critically reflect upon the impact of the community engagement experience on their values, assumptions and attitudes (GA2, GA4, GA9)