In a paper, analyze these four areas of ethics (PAPA)


Your paper should be three to four pages of body (900 word minimum), a cover page and a reference page, all double-spaced.

Use this document as your template if you wish.

Richard Mason’s ethical framework for information technology is well known for the acronym PAPA which stands for PRIVACY, ACCESSIBILITY, PROPERTY, and ACCURACY.

In a paper, analyze these four areas of ethics (PAPA)

  • IMPORTANT: Remember to relate your analysis to your life as a student and an information technology professional.
  • IMPORTANT: At least two sources should be from a library resource subscription service from computer professional organizations (ex ACM, IEEE). You want articles that are peer reviewed.
  • Make sure to research Richard Mason’s ethical framework from his original documentation.
  • Evaluate, research, and cite specific examples from cases and laws from legitimate and valid resources.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not use blogs, advertisements or Wikipedia
  • Class discussions and the text book should be helpful in demonstrating the effect of PAPA on you personally as well as professionally.
  • Use APA format for citations.
  • IMPORTANT: Include at least 5 references other than your text book.

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