I want a theme essay and you can choose any three themes, except theme 5,6,7, 11,15,and 19 from the theme list below.


We are studying about the Pre-Modern World.

I want a theme essay, you can choose only three themes from the 20 themes that I have attached it below. However, you can not choose theme 5,6,7,11,15,and 19. I also attached the requirements of what is the professor expecting from us. Also, I attached a sample of the essay. Each theme should be minimum of 250 words WITHOUT work cited.

You are also required to quote TWO of the primary documents found through the Mindtap site for the textbook AND ONE OTHER primary source document of your choosing from an outside source to support your content as well. Each theme paragraph of the essay must use one secondary source and one primary source properly contextualized to support your arguments. THESE SOURCES MUST ALL BE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED AND VETTED IN YOUR ESSAY..

  • Use of 3 different themes and 3 different subjects or topics
  • Proper notation of and use of quoted materials to support content argument
  • Proper formatting of citations for all quoted materials
  • Works Cited with proper sections listing Primary Documents and Secondary Sources
  • Full bibliographic information provided in Works Cited