I need a 4 page paper on The apology + the allegory of the cave + MLK cornell west.



: Go to the “mountaintop” and from this perspective,


for a


important point derived

from at least one

of the texts that we have read in class. (You

may refer to all of the texts, but you MUST ground your argument in at least one of the

texts.) Argue for something worth arguing for and that is important to you and, you hope,

for other people.

1. By


, I mean give persuasive reasons for your point of view. If you include

personal reflections, that should be a part of your argument, not a substitute for an


2. If it helps strengthen your argument, consider contrary points of views and

demonstrate why they are not persuasive while your argument is persuasive.

3. In the opening paragraph, be sure to include a clear thesis statement that indicates

exactly what you are seeking to demonstrate with this paper. Be focused and stick to what

you are trying to demonstrate.

4. An effective argument includes presenting evidence from the text.

5. If necessary, explain or define any key terms or concepts that you are using.

6. Your argument should be clear, strong, and persuasive. Always be as explicit as


7. Avoid slang,

8. Make your paper as organized as possible, including transition sentences between

paragraphs and a clear conclusion where you summarize what you have demonstrated.


10. You may use any of the accepted style sheets (Chicago, APA, MLA, etc.)

11. The paper should be a




pages. 3 and ½ pages are not

4 pages. It can be longer than 4 pages but it cannot be shorter than 4 pages.

11. Refer carefully to the grading rubric in the syllabus.

A strong paper is a paper that is also personally important and meaningful to you.