Humanities: Prehistory to 16th Century


Answer the 8 questions below

  1. Describe changes in the patronage systems (who is commissioning works of art) in the following: High Renaissance in Florence, High Renaissance in Rome, Northern Renaissance in Netherlands. How do the patrons contribute to humanist scholarship and art? Show specific examples of art from each area to support your argument.
  2. Discuss the differences between High Italian Renaissance art (centered in Florence and Rome) and Venetian Renaissance art. Include specific descriptions of works of art and be sure to include a discussion of characteristics of each style.
  3. Hieroymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights was intended to be a conversation piece, a work designed to invite discussion of its meaning. If you were involved in a debate about this work’s meaning, what would your response to it be?
  4. Outline the place of women in Renaissance Italy.
  5. Discuss the new literary attitudes, musical forms, and architectural innovations of the Venetian High Renaissance.
  6. Explain the effect of commerce and mercantile wealth on the development of both religious and secular painting in Northern Europe
  7. Describe the tension between financial wealth and ethical behavior as reflected in literature, music, and dance
  8. Compare and contrast the mysticism of Germans such as Grunewald and the new style of art introduced by Durer