How to respond to a students response


Children, from the time of birth to young adulthood, have specific health care needs that must be met to insure a healthy thriving individual. The health care system is designed differently by states on eligibility requirements to qualify for certain programs and even those programs are limited as to what is covered. This too, creates barriers for children to receive additional necessary services if other than the basic exam is needed. A healthy child would need the basic immunizations covered whereas a child with additional needs may not be covered by state or federal guidelines. In the recent years, states and federal governments have taken small steps in the right direction to implement programs that cover other conditions beyond normal routine care. But until the time comes where coverage is offered for all needs of children, we will continue to see those limitations and community-based programs will continue to help utilize the needs of those children as much as they can. The Holy Bible States “Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” (Psalm 127:3, King James Version). We must remember that a child that receives the required and necessary immunizations will be able to stay healthy and limit risking exposures to other children. Also, a child who has limited access is at a greater risk of slow learning process, missing school and working parents missing work. It is ultimately detrimental that the U.S. start acting faster in preventative measures to reduce those risk and exposures.

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