How is marijuana use seen through the lens of 7 unifying themes of psych?


my ideas to write about (not limited to these):

1. Empirical – Statistics, research about weed on health, etc

2. Theoretcally diverse – Cbd’s thc’s edibles smoking, anxiety, psychological impact of long term weed use

3. Socio- which states adopted it first, who uses weed and for what use? Social Purposes like casual smoking with friends or at parties, use cbd’s for health reasons like elderly or athletes. And how come doctors dont recommend this kind of treatment.

4. internal causes of course – different strands some of them are for sleep, cognitive, body high,

Externally media and on stage big time cultures and events, burning man, edc concert, elon musk on joe rogan podcast fucking smoked weed and it went viral. and his stock went down ______

5. research on which groups are more likely to smoke, or get into weed

6. environment – marijuana shops everywhere like liquor stores.

7 emotional – elon musk and his stock emotional trigger (joint)

cognitive – is seen as a drug that opens people up, socially and among friends and with minors is potentially dangerous because our brains dont stop developing until we are 25.(source)

actions – people using it as a crutch, needing it. Wake and bake.

reqs in doc