Historical Changes in Film Paper


Resource: Ch. 12 of Film Art: An Introduction.

Write a 525- to 700-word paper that examines historical changes in film. Discuss how early cinema was affected by photography, film, form, style, special effects, and fictional narrative. As part of your examination, select one of the following alternative movements to American cinema:

  • German Expressionism
  • French Impressionism and Surrealism
  • Soviet Montage
  • Italian Neorealism
  • The French New Wave
  • Hong Kong Cinema

Describe how your selected alternative movement affected the film industry. Be sure to discuss how it differed from American cinema.

Include citations and references throughout your paper. APA formatting is required. Please review the APA Sample Paper and the APA Paper Template attached with the instructions.

Be sure to enclose all direct quotes in quotation marks. (All assignments will be processed through Turnitin.com before grading.) Be sure to include in-text and reference page citations for all words or ideas taken from other sources. Son of a Citation Machine is a good resource for formatting citations. It is free for limited use:


Here is a good website for practicing how to put ideas into your own words (paraphrase):


Be sure to acknowledge your source when you paraphrase with in-text and reference page citations.