HIST 1302 – US History Since 1877 Writing Assignment Instructions (F007 Spring 2019)


The assignment is a personal reflection paper. This means that the subject of your paper is you!

To get you started, here are some questions you can answer, in paragraph format, to talk about yourself. It is not necessary to answer any and/or all of these questions. They are only put here to

direct your thoughts or give ideas for your paper.

1.Why did you decide to go to college?

2.What made you choose Lone Star College?Have you attended college at any other


3.What is your major and why?

4.If you haven’t selected a major, what interests you, so far, in school?

5.What interests you in the world today?

6.What is one significant achievement you’ve made so far?

7.What is your greatest strength and, in contrast to that, your greatest weakness?

8.What are your thoughts on the requirements of History, English, and Math courses in


9.Do you intend on transferring to a university after you finish classes at Lone Star College?

If so, where will you transfer and why? If not, does your academic path at Lone Star College complete your education?