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Read the case the incident for Discussion “HandTech, Inc.” on page 67 in your text . What organizational structure would you recommend HandTech use to complete the three initiatives outlined ? Why?

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mates posts1;

The organizational structure I would recommend to HardTech is Matrix Project Organization. The matrix structure is a hybrid of pure project organization and the functionally organized project.

HardTech’s founders originally structured their firm as a traditional functional organizational structure, so they understand the advantages and disadvantages of that structure. Also, they can still assign each phase of the three initiatives to a specific department and still have the PMs report to the three senior officers.

mates posts2;

In this case we note that HandTech Inc is a small company that previously relied on the traditional organizational structure,now that they are growing and expanding they need to adopt a more sophisticated structure. I would recommend a matrix structure for HandTech because they will be dealing with different types of projects.

The matrix structure is relevant for HandTech,because it will be able to bring together the advantages of a pure and function structure in various projects being undertaken.Also,this structure will pay strong focus to the proects while at the same time being flexible.

mates posts 3;

The existing structure is known as the functional structure. In this structure, the workforce is divided into three departments. The company required three initiative and therefore three exclusive projects are necessary to complete in a given time. If the functional structure will be followed then these three projects will take more time and less coordination when they will be a divideinto three departments. So, the Divisional structure can be used in which the Handtech can complete its three projects within time and people can be a divide in three teams of projects. The divisional structure will bring people in contact and they will be able to discuss all the project related concerns.