Final Paper


Make sure you follow APA guidelines as relates to margins, font, title page, reference page, and citing of references within the body of the paper. Your first paragraphs should show the population, and theories you chose, and why you chose those particular ones, which techniques you feel are effective with the population, etc. The next sections/pages will be the main body of the paper which will show how these models are effective with the particular population, showing the evidence-based practices, research, outcomes, etc. Finally, compare the use of the theories to your own personality telling why you feel you will be successful working not only with the chosen population, but also using your chosen theories. Remember, the page length is 8-10 pages, not counting your title page, and reference page. You must have a minimum of 2 additional resources; your book, plus at least 2 more. No abstract page is required; the initial paragraph should serve as what would have been the abstract. Should you have any questions, just email. I’ll be checking emails daily.