event impacted your understanding of personal digital privacy


MODULE 5 Topic

For your initial post (FPM5a 3%): Give an example of when you felt your personal privacy was compromised or at risk in some aspect of the online world (ie a social networking site, website, online game, etc). Discuss how this event impacted your understanding of personal digital privacy, and made you rethink the implications for personal privacy in the Digital Age broadly.

In your response (FPM5b 2%) to another student, provide some thoughtful commentary about their Forum Post, and the implications they discuss. Provide some comparisons and contrasts between you, with some thoughts about why that might be (consider socio-demographics).

FPM5 Final Due Date: Fri, June 22nd at 11:45PM.

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student essay:(need to response2%)

There have been many times where I have felt that my personal privacy has been compromised or at risk in online activity. At the end of March all Facebook data was breached, and legally nothing could be done to resolve the situation. All Facebook accounts when created has you agree to a terms and policies agreement, which I did not read when I created my account, like most people do. I feel that if there were such serious things in the terms and policies, it should be highlighted, or make the statements more compact so we are able to realize what we are officially agreeing to.

I find that when I am on Facebook, it has stored data on my purchasing details and storing personal information. For example, when I go to a website to buy clothes online, such as Sport Chek and Lululemon, the next time I log onto Facebook, the advertisements are all directed towards the specific online stores I visited. Facebook has also proven to me that it stores personal information to my computer, because when I go to other websites to sign up for a new account, it gives me the option to sign in using my Facebook account, rather than creating a new profile.

The other major concern I have for the internet and social media platforms, that had me reconsider the amount of internet I use, is privacy and location settings. As someone who is in Child and Youth Studies, this is a frequent topic that is discussed as the children and youth on social media are under 18. After Facebook was breached, I put my Snapchat on ghost mode, made my Instagram account and Twitter account private, and limit my time on social media sites.

After the Facebook security breach issues it made me realize that being online and on social media websites and applications is not what is important. I am working at an overnight camp this summer for ten weeks, and only planning on using the internet for summer classes, allowing myself to focus on what is more important. To conclude, as horrible as the security breach was for people all over the world, I believe it was a wake up call that was much needed for both the companies and the consumers. The companies are now more aware of the level of security their consumers require, and the consumers are now more aware of the level of privacy required to ensure their safety