Essay: Visual Response (Analyzing Visual Arguments)


Compose a four to five-paragraph essay of 650-800 words in which you address the following:

_Part One: Introduction-Describe the image. Your thesis should state the main idea of the image.

_Part Two: Discuss the main idea that image presents. Tell about its intended audience.

_Part Three: Discuss your impressions of the design and the effects of the visual. What elements in the image support the main idea?

_Part Four: Explain the appeals the visual employs and their effectiveness.

(Use the questions in Chapter 5 to guide you)

_Part Five: Conclusion_Sum up your analysis.

The essay MUST be presented in proper MLA format

NOTE: You can read the attachment that I take a picture from my book and read it to understand the (Analyzing Visual Arguements). Then, you also read the example essay too.