essay definition 2

Minimum Length: 900 words

Definition essays can be formal or informal depending the audience and purpose of the paper. Consider one of the following topics and determine whether to approach it formally or informally.

  1. Write your own definition essay for some political or governmental term, such as “bipartisan,” “equal rights,” or “freedom” or for another similar word or phrase.
  2. From your perspective, what would the perfect job be? Write a definition essay in which you answer the question.
  3. Write an essay to define some word that is popular in computer use and explore how it serves its intended function. You might choose a word like “Facebook,” “Twitter,” “iPod,” “iPad,” or texting. Define the word; explain how people use it; and then focus on its ability to serve its intended function in the future.

Read P288-292 in the book, it may be helpful for your writing.