English Othello


Your job is reviewing some of the Othello materials.

* Please review this item (handout, YouTube video, lecture, movie clip, whatever) . What kind of source is it? Is it created for expert scholars? College students? General Public? High school students? You may have to guess here.

What clues helped you decide the audience here?

* Would you consider this information to be a primary source (the actual play, historical record) or an INTERPRETATION of a primary source, which is called a secondary source (a literary review, a critical essay, an opinion about the primary source)?

* Who is presenting the information? Do they seem credible enough to cite in an academic essay? Why or why not? (Hint: The Folger Shakespeare Library videos are going to be more credible than “Thug Notes” in an academic paper. What can I say? The world is a cruel place.) Please do NOT include Wikipedia, No Fear Shakespeare, Spark Notes, or anything you think might not seem credible to your audience. It’s totally fine (often helpful) to refer to these sources, but you should quote pieces that have more weight. In my opinion, YouTube videos have recently become more respectable, especially if a recognized expert is speaking. If you choose a video, please be sure to explain why the speaker is credible to you.

* How could this source help you discuss the historical reception of Othello? Past interpretations? Present interpretations? Other spins?

* How would you use this source in your essay? Would it be a bit of history, interpretation, performance, consequences? opposing ideas? Would it be a little bit color or part of a big paragraph?

==> Simply answer these question by watching the clip ( just keep it shorts, 3-5 sentences should be fine).