English assignment


For this assignment, everyone will write about Mohandas Gandhi’s speech, “Economic and Moral

Progress.” Answer the question—what is the relationship between moral and economic progress,

according to Gandhi in this speech and to you?

this assignment should be at least two pages

You need to cover:

 What does Gandhi say about economic and moral progress? And how does he explain that?

This should be covered in a full summary (use 4 sentence template that I gave you) of

Gandhi’s speech.

 Your explanation/discussion of what Gandhi is saying. (So pull away from the summary and

go into more detail)

 Add to this discussion your own thoughts about economic progress or success and moral

progress—explain and give at least one example.


 Start now: think about this question as you read the material in this unit. Write notes to


 This is an essay, so it needs an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

 Remember: no sweeping generalizations (“Throughout history…”). Really think about how

you are starting, and cut out the “throat-clearing” on the draft.

 Avoid sounding like you are writing the answer to a paper topic—even though you are!

 Refer to the template for writing summaries for that part of the assignment. Part of the grade

will be for how well you follow that and make use of it.

 Remember the rules for documenting summaries and paraphrases. If the words or ideas

come from someone else, you must give us the page # for where that is in our book.

 Think about how you conclude, & challenge yourself to do more than summarize your main


 Edit everything. Read your paper out loud from beginning to end, more than once!