English 104 Chapter 9 The Guardians


Chapter 9: Definition arguments: The Guardians – Time Magazine’s 2018 Person of the Year

You may read this chapter but I am veering off track for this assignment too and have created my own assignment.

Look at the irony of definition.

Tim magazine calls Journalists “The Guardians” and certain politicians (specifically 1) call them “Enemy of the people”

Watch my ppt on Fake News and then read Time Magazine’s article: The Guardians. The Guardians were neamed 2018 person of the year.

Who are the guardian?.

Choose 1 guardian that interests you specifically.

What were the consequences of real reporting for this guardian.

Why is it important to not only recognize fake news but to also counter it? Who or what does it affect?

Choose 1 sentence from that article that really spoke to you – this will be your golden sentence and then using my TLQs template (1st week modules) analyze that sentence.