• Watch the following video Cartesian doubt”
  • Watch the following video: Army of Sea Urchins? | Planet Earth | BBC”

Part 1: Describe what you see in the video, and then explain what physical event is taking place, how does reality differ from what we experience?

Part 2: How is this video related to Descartes’s reasons for doubt? Give your own example of a case when our senses seem to fail us.

Describe how the objects and events are interconnected. How would Paley and other fans of the teleological argument explain this? Give an example of something else (not in the video) that appears to operate according to a design.

3)Watch the following video: Iguana vs Snakes | Planet Earth II

How does this video relate to the problem of evil? Would a perfect God design a world that allows this sort of thing to happen? Why? Give your own example of “natural evil.