discussion questions


As a warm-up to get back in the swing of things, on Friday, after the final group presentation on the National Security Agency, we will discuss the national security roles of the Department of Justice and the Department of the Treasury. In preparation for class, explore the websites of these two cabinet departments. For some of you, this may be a partial review since many of you have already looked at the Department of Justice. That is ok. You can’t review too much. Here are your tasks:

TASK #1. For each Department, write a short description of why this organization should be included (or not included) in the national security establishment. Include at least four reasons (for or against, depending on which position you are taking) and

detailed evidence to support your position.

TASK #2. For each Department, 1) identify what national interests may be advanced by this Department; 2) which instrument(s) of national power (e.g., DIMEFIL) are most likely to be associated with activities of each Department (be as specific as you can); 3) what, if any, “Pillars” of the 2017 National Security Strategy document most directly relate to

of each of these Departments–give specific examples.