Discussion Post


This is an announcement that appeared in our church bulletin. Upon reading it, I felt the need to write to the Rev. John Doe regarding his use of derogatory language: “I have difficulty with your use of derogatory language directed at those who may not share your views and who choose to honor the value of self-determination. While I understand that abortion is a very controversial topic, the use of derogatory language does not help your cause.” (this is a portion of my letter).

For this week’s post, I would like you to draft a short, but respectful, response to the derogatory language in the announcement, not your stance on abortion.

Dear Pastor and Members of Grace Church, ” This is announment”

Recently you sent us a generous gift – thank you! Gifts like yours allow us to be a wonderful alternative to the scandalous “pro-choicers” out there. In the past 12 months we saw 349 babies born to our clients – a positive and wonderful contrast to the headlines of the day! Please pray for us – that God would bring abortion minded women to the center and the we will be great ambassadors for Christ.
Thank you again, and God bless you!

Rev. John Doe (name changed)

Executive Director, Capital Area Pregnancy Centers