discussion 4 ART History3


rethink canon

The “canonical” history of Western European art has been predominately written from a certain perspective: one that focuses on the artworks and contributions from white men who already possess social, cultural, or economic privilege.

In these “Rethinking the Canon” exercises, we are going to expand our understanding of the week’s materials by considering marginalized artists or alternative ways of understanding the history of Modern Art.


After reading the articles preceding this exercise, how has your understanding of this week’s topics changed?

  • When people think about “Impressionist” artists, who typically comes to mind? (Include specific example from the texts)
  • What sorts of different perspectives or interpretations of Impressionist themes do we find when we look at the paintings of women Impressionists? (Include specific example from the texts)
  • How does this expand your understanding of this week’s themes, especially the rise of Modernity (industrialization, urbanization, leisure) and the start of the Modern Art movement?