Delivery Drones are a bad idea / Good idea


By James Brumley, published in Opposing Viewpoints in Context, 2016

Drones in Amazon’s Future? In a development that was once something only hypothesized in the cartoon / fantasy World of 1 Jetsons, Bezos says the company is developing airborne Amazon drones to deliver many of the online retailer’s goods to its paying customers.

That’s right. Amazon feels it’s only a matter of time and not even much of it before card table – sized octocopters will be dropping off purchases right at your doorstep. Once the delivery is made, the drone will fly back to its distribution center topick up and deliver the next payload,

Amazon drones are a completely ridiculous and unworkable idea, of course, and will (no pun intended) never get off the ground anytime in our lifetimes. Here are the three biggest reasons Amazon drones are going to be grounded before ever taking flight. I: The coverage areas for Amazon drones are inherently full of airborne hazardls. it wasn’t one of the underscored details of the 60 Minutes interview, but the proposed battery operated drone that Amazon is working on only has an operating range of about 10 miles from its takeoft point; the service will only be available in fairly metropolitan areas near an Amazon hub. It’s not really a customer service problem, and nobody expects the company to lose money just to offer the delivery option in rural areas. Beside, rollouts of all sorts tend to begin in metropolitan areas and work their way outward. no, the problem with populous areas where the service makes fiscal sense that these areas can be loaded with tall buildings, power lines, cranes. birds and a million other things that could (literally) get in the way. And that ‘s partly why. . . 2 – Any in – flight failure will turn into a disaster While it would be inaccurate to say in – flight failures are common for these electric octocopters. it wouldn ‘t be inaccurate to say failures do happen from time to time. And, unlike failures in implants where the plane at least has shot at beine alided to safety, a failure on a couple (or more) of the delivery drones eight rotor means a five – polind package in addition to the weight of the drone itself becomes a rock Falling out of the sky, ht happens when – fake if it linds in the middle of a busy Found, or worse, landson car? ….. i will attached the rest of the reading ? if you have any question just let me know .

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