Characterization Essay


Assignment: Write a piece on analyzing a character in Wuthering Heights

Purpose: To identify, illustrate, and understand a character’s function in a story

Requirements: 750-1,000 wds, a double-spaced typed page, and only your analysis! No outside research except the novel. Make sure to add a creative title. This is your work so please make it stand out!

Topic: You must choose one character in Wuthering Heights to analyze. You can mention other characters in your essay to draw comparisons and indicate similarities and differences. ( I chose Catherine Earnshaw for you ,so you only focus on Catherine Earnshaw character )You have to read each chapter summary then you will know whats going on around Catherine Earnshaw.

Here are some elements to consider:

-purpose/function of the character—how the character is a part of the storyline

-main character or supporting character

-personality, qualities, traits

-relationship(s) towards other characters

-likability vs. despicability

-realistic vs. unrealistic

-ubiquitous vs. absent

-prediction—what will most likely happen to this character at the end

here is the website for Withering heights summary for each chapter totally 34 chapters…