Character Monologues



  • Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House (sometimes seen as A Doll House). Similar to Wilson’s Fence, A Doll’s House is timeless and universal, with compelling characters and realistic conflicts (pages 881-942).
    • Ibsen, I. (2017). A doll’s house. In L. Kirszner & S. Mandell (Eds.),. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. (Original work published 1879)
  • Note: There are many excellent versions of A Doll’s House available for viewing. We are not able to post them in this class, but we do believe that to appreciate drama, it should be viewed and heard. Feel free to seek out a version of A Doll’s House after you have read the script, to enhance your experience of this incredible play.

Assignment 2-3 Parahgraphs: A Doll’s House is fabulous study of people who are stuck in times and traditions. Our main characters are: Nora, Torvald, Christine, and Krogstad. A monologue is a speech by one actor on stage. It is usually during a conversation and does not always have to be honest words. Now it is time to combine your knowledge of characters and your knowledge of drama. Please write a one to two paragraph monologue that reflects one of the main character’s personalities:

    1. A monologue that begins, “Nora left me three days ago and I’ve had a lot of time to think…”
    2. A monologue that begins, “I know what I did was wrong, but I don’t know how to tell Torvald…”
    3. A monologue that begins, “I stand here wondering if I should mail this letter. I know it will get Nora into trouble…”