Beethoven paper


Composer/Performer Paper – (100 points)

Please submit as a doc attachment.

Select a composer or performer – you may select someone from the text OR a solo artist or group of your choice.

Information to include:

Life – historical background of composer/performer. (country of birth, years of life, family influences on music, factors that influenced their music, did they perform, etc.)

Musical Era – what musical era did the composer live/write during, what are the musical characteristics identified in that era

Type of music by the composer – Instrumental, vocal, both instrumental and vocal. What form(s) of music is the composer known for writing? (Symphonies, chant, piano etudes, jazz compositions, pop music, etc.)

Identify and describe at least two of the composers/performers most well-known works.


You may use APA or MLA format.

Minimum of 3 pages, double-spaced. Title page and reference page are separate (not included in the 3 pages).

Minimum of 3 sources – please use reputable sources in your research. If you have a question about a source