answer the question


Answer all of the following.

1. Compare and contrast functionalism and interactional sociology in terms of the following issues:

a. The underlying model (metaphor) used, i.e., what would each theory compare society to?


b. What is the most important part of society? Explain) .

c. Which makes the most sense to you? Why?

(20 points)

2. American culture has been described as one of the most violent in the industrialized world. Use

class materials to explain why this might be true (especially the discussion of punishment). Use

conflict theory to explain this violence. Please make sure you use data from the unit on

deviance/crime. (20 points)

3. Pick a specific religion with which you are familiar (e.g. Reform Judaism, Southern Baptism,

Sunni Muslim, Zen Buddhist, etc). How would a socio-biological or ecological (pick one) theory

of culture explain two of the beliefs of this religion. (15 points).

4. Describe the relationship between subsistence agriculture, the social surplus and human history.

Pick one society and describe the impact of this set of factors on it. (15 PTS).

5. Compare and contrast the conflict theories of Marx and Weber. What do you think each of

these would think about the current problems with violence in the Middle East? (30 pts.)

This essay should be typed and double spaced (or neatly written). It must have your name and time

that your class meets on it. The


length is five pages.