Annotated Bibliography


Research FOUR sources: three from peer-reviewed academic journals published 2000 or later and one from a major consumer news source geared toward the college-reading level ( New York Times,Washington Post, major consumer magazine, or one U.S. federal government website)

The research must be 4 pages about the crime rate in New York city and what have changed from the 1970’s until now.

Please follow the this format to write about each source.

Annotated Bibliography Format for each FOUR sources. Please type in bold the format sections and write your answer below each section:

-Narrowed research topic ( first page only)

-Work Cited ( in correct MLA works cited format- every new ‘ Annotated Bibliography’ should have own citation)

-Summary ( use strong summarizing verbs)

-Quotes ( a minimum of three quotations ) per source. Include actual quote and attribute. Please note that ALL statistics must be cited and can be included here in the quotes section. Include page number or location of your source for each bibliography.

– Evaluation for each bibliography ( How does this source relate to your thesis? What questions does it answer? Or, do this source bring up another point of view, a counter argument?)