Analysis Paper


Analysis Essay Structure

Make sure each paragraph has 5 to 7 sentences. Your introduction paragraph should include a hook (first sentence to grab the reader’s attention); then 5 to 7 supporting sentences to tell why the thesis is important. Then your thesis is the last sentence of the first paragraph. Watch this Introduction and Conclusion paragraph video to learn how to write your Introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Example thesis: Arming Teachers with Guns in the classroom will not decrease mass school shootings because Reason 1, Reason 2 and Reason 3.

Para 2: Reason 1

Para 3: Reason 2

Para 4:Reason 3

Para 5: Counterargument paragraph (Write about the other side)–Arming teachers with guns is a good idea because arming teachers with guns will help deter mass school shootings because….)

Para 6:Rebuttal paragraph (Go back to your argument that arming teachers is not a good idea and rebut the other side point by point)

Para 7: Conclusion

When we write the conclusion paragraph, just restate the thesis statement as the first sentence in the last paragraph. Then, for your conclusion paragraph, write 5 sentences highlighting the main points of the essay without adding new information and give the reader pointers on what to do or think next pertaining to your topic. Watch this Introduction and Conclusion paragraph video to learn how to write your conclusion paragraphs.

*Use only third person case in your essay. Do not use first person case (I, my, us, we) in your essay. Do not use second person case (you and your) in your essay. Use third person case he/she/they for a more professional tone.*

Wrong sentence and wrong tone (first person case)– I took steroids while playing sports and now I am suffering side effects from the steroids. Using first person case is too personal.

Wrong sentence and wrong tone (second person case)–You should not take steroids while playing sports because you will suffer side effects from the steroids. Using second person case sounds too preachy.

Correct sentence and third person case–Barry Bonds took steroids while playing sports. (Smith, 22)–Third person case sounds more professional.

Consider the following as you write:

PURPOSE: Analytical Writing
AUDIENCE: author, instructor, others interested in the field
LENGTH: 500-750 words (Times New Roman font)
SOURCE MINIMUM: 5 total- at least one should be from a professional organization


Thesis: Healthcare laws hurt the overall population of patients seen in a healthcare facility.

Reason 1: Some of the laws have created issues that could hurt the patients financially and cause them to have to change doctors and facilities that they have trusted for years.

Reason 2: Some laws make it difficult for patient with pre-existing conditions to obtain health insurance.

Reason 3: Patients end up paying more out of pocket for their insurance and for the services they receive from doctors, hospitals, labs, and drug companies.

Counterargument: Healthcare laws have been put in place to protect both the patients and healthcare providers. Laws like the Affordable Care Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), and the Health Care Quality Improvement Act were all designed to help patients who cannot afford healthcare, have pre-existing conditions and could be denied health insurance when changing jobs, and protection from providers who may have had a history of malpractice. HIPPA also protects patient’s privacy when seen in any healthcare facility.

Rebuttal: Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act did little to encourage greater competition in the health care marketplace. It was assumed that the bigger corporations in each of the different industry areas like insurance, pharmacy, and hospital care could deliver given the size of the insurance expansion the ACA would promote. Instead, there is premium inflation, increased cost on prescription drugs, and long delays in patient’s ability to access care.