Analysis of hypothetical experiment involving distractions with cell phone use


All info with instructions involving the paper are within the attached file but its an analysis involving the dangers of distraction involving cell phone use on construction sites. A little snippet of what is needed:

  • Your proposed sampling methods
  • Describe your data collection. Will you need to do any coding? Do any of your variables need to be explained in terms of operational definitions?
  • How will you test your hypothesis? Where will you set alpha? What is alpha and why is it important? This leads you to explain p and what you hope to see in your results. You do not need to make up data. You are to discuss this in future tense outlining the steps and concepts. But remember, if you mention it, you have to define it. If you say you are going to look for a correlation what is that? What does it mean? Be specific. Use your own words but cite where necessary.
  • Reliability and validity should be discussed.
  • A debrief should be discussed.