American Government:Theories,Policies, and Politics


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A political system in which power is shared between national and regional governments is an example of

  1. federalism.
  2. consolidation.
  3. capitalism.

The Petition of Right was the first legal document to establish that political leaders are not above the law.

  1. true
  2. false

What is the process by which a society tells how power and resources will be distributed?

  1. politics
  2. policies
  3. rules

Who was most influential in getting Virginia to ratify the Constitution?

  1. Richard Henry Lee
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Patrick Henry

In colonial America, royal colonies

  1. had charters that allowed complete self-government.
  2. had governors appointed by a proprietor.
  3. were under direct control of the Crown.

How many methods are there to amend the Constitution?

  1. four
  2. six
  3. seven

In a confederate government,

  1. the central government holds most of the power.
  2. the regional governments hold most of the power.
  3. power is shared by the central and regional governments.

____ 8.

The Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution does which of the following?

a. lists the rights with which government cannot interfere
b. lists the services and utilities government is required to provide c. outlines the duties and procedures of each branch of governmen