Alcohol Problem Discussion Board.


How would you approach a friend who you believe has an alcohol problem?

Given the information presented in this chapter and the multiple factors contributing to substance abuse, describe an approach you might choose if you were trying to change a friend’s maladaptive alcohol use.Be sure to visit appropriate websites for supplemental information and use your textbook to substantiate your ideas.

Minimum 700 words.

Would you address the problem directly?

Which treatment approaches, if any, would you recommend?

How responsible would you feel to try to help the friend, and to what extent does your view of alcoholism affect your approach?

Broadening the discussion, to what extent do you feel society should intervene to “help” people with alcoholism by encouraging or enforcing treatment?

How do you balance individual rights and society’s responsibility to protect its members, and do you see this in a different light than the treatment of serious mental health disorders?

2 pages from book on some information to use and the rest can be research.