Abstract and Conclusion of Systematic Review


As outlined in the Capstone Report Checklist, Section V (Conclusion) should be 1-2 pages in length and should contain the following:

  • Summary of evidence: Summarize the main findings including each main outcome and its relevance to the stakeholders, such as administrators, officers, prisoners, etc.
  • Limitations: Discuss limitations at study and outcome level (risk of bias) and at review level (e.g., incomplete retrieval of identified research studies)
  • Conclusion: Provide a general interpretation of the results, implications for future research and policy decision.

As outlined in the Capstone Report Checklist, the Abstract should be approximately 150-200 words in length and contain the following:

  • Research problem and question
  • Methods
  • Key findings.

Both sections should be well written and formatted according to APA format. Provide a minimum of three credible resources to support your claims.

As we discussed, this will need to incorporate previous attachments (methodology/search strategies) and the results. I have attached the lecture notes pertaining to the conclusion/abstract, the previous attachments, and an example of a completed systematic review for evidence.